Second Coming

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Description: "I wanted to prove to myself that I am still pretty enough to model," Angelique said when she decided to model again in 2002. We welcomed her back to the fold, this time at SCORE's Miami base, a place she had never visited. We were overjoyed and honored to bring her back. "It has been eight years since I first began in 1994. That is a long time. That is why I traveled to Miami this year, a city I very much love as a Brazilian. Yes, I feel that my glory years are over. I have thought about this for a time now in my home in Germany. My life is so very different. Now that I am past 30, I think the men will not find me as desirable as I once was. They are so drawn to young women and they forget you when you are no longer young." We could not have disagreed any more with Angelique. She is still a goddess! But we all know how insecure women can be, especially beautiful women!

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